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Client Consult & Opinion Sharing


by phone, $30 for each 15 minutes

Do you have a client with a problem you’re not familiar with? Need a second opinion - an experienced opinion? Look no further. 

15-Minute Increments

Pick up the phone and call us. We'll give you the direction you seek, chock full of wisdom, guidance, opinions and recommendations. You'll be able to breath easy knowing you're making the best decision for your client.

Prescription Consult


Via EVisit 

Skip the ER, or Urgent Care, and get a Midwife on the phone who understands the pressures and challenges you and your clientele are facing.


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Every birth is different. And they aren't always smooth. We can help you iron out the kinks ...

Does your client need Rhogam called in for her pregnancy and postpartum? Does she need an antibiotic for UTI, URI, etc? Does she need an anti-depressant for postpartum depression or anxiety? Has she got PUPPPs? Dealing with mastitis or thrush? Need some acyclovir for HSV or treatment for another STI? Want some prescription birth control postpartum?

midwife consulting nonviable pregnancy package

Nonviable Pregnancy Package


under 14 weeks

You must send copy of ultrasound report, Rh and antibody screen and be willing to do weekly labs until resolved. Medical management includes prescriptions for cytotec and Rhogam if needed. 

CLICK HERE to email a copy of ultrasound report as well as Rh and antibody screen.

Practice Management Advice


by phone, $50 per each 15 minutes

Growing any business isn't easy. And sustaining a thriving midwifery is no exception. So many questions and options can bog you down and keep you from doing what you have a passion for: delivering babies and helping mothers. Unsure if you should contract with insurance companies? Accept Medicaid? How to improve provider relations in your area? Find a doctor to consult with? How to advertise? Improve daily workload? How to source supplies?

15-Minute Increments

midwife consulting practice management advice

Unsure if you should contract with insurance companies? Should you accept Medicaid? How can you improve provider relations in your area? Need to find a doctor to consult with? How best can you advertise; improve daily workload; source supplies? We can help answer these questions. Call us today.

Bad Experience & Birth Review


by phone, $50 per each 30 minutes

Face it: not every birth goes according to plan. Whether you goofed up or something out of your control left the mother with a bad experience, take heart. We're here to talk.

30-Minute Increments

midwife consulting bad experience and birth review

Have you had a difficult birth or transfer lately? Do you want to speak to someone experienced about the case and learn if anything could have been done differently? Need a shoulder to cry on, and think about ways of self-care/healing from this traumatic event? We provide a judgement free zone and an empathetic ear. Just call us.