Mary Rainer Midwife Consulting
Angie’s credentials give her the ability to prescribe and consult with patients on diagnoses or situations outside our scope; her commitment to midwifery, experience and skill level make her the perfect person to trust. She has been my first call for years.
— Mary Rainer, Licensed Midwife
Michelle Cerami Midwife Consulting
As a preceptor she was committed to educating her student, encouraging them to push their limits, and improve their skills. She created a space for her students to flourish.
As a midwife she demonstrates commitment, understanding & support for her clients. She creates community within her practice & trusting relationships with the women & families she cared for.
— Michelle Cerami, Licensed Midwife
Rachel Powers Midwife Consulting
Angela has been an invaluable resource for me. Her competency, quick resolve, and professionalism make consulting with her a breeze. Her support and encouragement goes beyond a typical consulting relationship, and her passion for women’s care is evident in the services she provides to other midwives.
— Rachel Powers, LM, CPM Beautiful Beginnings Midwifery
Pam Peach Midwife Consulting
Having Angela Love as a consulting backup is wonderful. She is most helpful and is so generous in sharing her wisdom and knowledge with me. Even with having a thriving practice she still will get back to me ASAP. I never hesitate to ask for her opinion on a situation or her help. Thanks, Angie - so much!
— Pam Peach, LM

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A resource for licensed midwives across the state of Florida for many years, Angela Love, CNM since 2004, is dedicated to improving maternity and women's healthcare. 

She's also devoting her time to training the next generation of practitioners.


How to Get a Prescription

The patient who needs a prescriptions should visit and schedule the appointment. Most consults last under 15 minutes and cost $59. Same day availability.